Instructions for use

Always apply Tend Skin® liquid on dry skin. If the skin is wet, Tend Skin® liquid will simply 'float off'. Also if the skin is wet and warm after a shower or bath, Tend Skin® liquid may sting for a few moments.

Tend Skin® liquid may be applied with a soft tissue, a cotton ball, a cotton tipped applicator or the fingertips. If using fingertips rinse hands in water after applying to avoid exfoliation that may not be required. A thin layer is all that is required. Do not 'splash' on.

The first time you use Tend Skin® liquid and again after waxing, shaving or electrolysis, perform a test patch on a small area of skin. Wait a few minutes to ensure that no adverse reaction occurs. Reactions may be in response to multiple product interactions e.g. if the wax used is too warm.

If you have skin sensitivities to other products, test a small area 15-20 minutes before using Tend Skin® liquid extensively. In all other cases, if minor tingling is felt or there is more general discomfort, next time apply Tend Skin® liquid 20 minutes after hair removal.

Do not use Tend Skin® liquid within one month after an exfoliant treatment (AHA's - Glycolics - Roaccutane) in a clinic or medical centre.

While it is recommended that Tend Skin® liquid is used on its own, if desired you may use a moisturiser after applying the product (allow Tend Skin® liquid a few minutes to dry first).

Use in conjunction with Waxing

When used prior to waxing, Tend Skin® liquid will help to prepare the skin for the trauma of hair removal. We recommend applying the product night and morning for three days prior to hair removal. Tend Skin® liquid should then be applied to the area to be waxed, immediately prior to the procedure.

Tend Skin® liquid should be applied again immediately after waxing ( after waiting for a few moments to allow the skin to 'recover'). The product will then go to work to reduce the appearance of redness and irritation and generally soothe the skin. Important: See instructions for use with facial hair.

Tend Skin® liquid should be applied again just before sleep so the product can lie undisturbed on the skin overnight. Another application in the morning after 'showering' should be all that is required.

When hair re-growth commences (approximately two weeks) apply Tend Skin® liquid night and morning until the hairs are seen to be growing above the surface of the skin. Tend Skin® liquid can then be applied as and when required.

Use in conjunction with Electrolysis

The procedures re use of Tend Skin® liquid are much the same as for waxing. Tend Skin® liquid will go to work to soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of any redness and irritation. Important: See instructions for use with facial hair.

Use in conjunction with Shaving

Simply wipe a thin layer of Tend Skin® liquid on shaving related skin irritations night and as required.

Important: 'Dull' razor blades can damage the skin and cause ingrown hair problems. Use a 'new' razor (blade) at least every other time when shaving.

Important - Facial Hair (Waxing and Electrolysis)

Facial hairs are often thicker than hairs on other areas of the body. Removal of facial hairs will generally create a wider 'wound' channel. It is important that Tend Skin® liquid is applied carefully to avoid having the product seep into these larger openings. A thin layer of Tend Skin® liquid should be applied to the area prior to removal. After the procedure, a cotton tipped applicator dampened (not soaked) with Tend Skin® liquid should be used to gently 'touch' the skin around where the hairs have been removed.

Other Important notes

  • If you have a true allergy to Aspirin (itching, hives, shortness of breath), do not use Tend Skin® liquid. If Aspirin ingestion upsets the stomach this is not a true allergy.
  • Tend Skin® liquid has not been tested on pregnant women. Pregnant women should consult their medical professional prior to using the product.
  • Tend Skin® liquid can block sunlight so simply wipe the product off with water prior to a sunbed session or sunbathing outdoors.
  • Tend Skin® liquid is for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, give plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • If splashed into the eyes, flush with lots of running water.
  • Tend Skin® liquid can remove dye from clothing/carpets etc. Do not spill on colour-fast items.


Isopropyl Alcohol - Water - Propylene glycol - Acetylsalicylic Acid - Glycerin -Cyclomethicone

Tend Skin® liquid is manufactured in the U.S.A. by

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Tend Skin® liquid

is distributed in New Zealand by:
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